Ek i form av vatten, bord i läder, pinne fast i snabb rörelse samt material som ger sig ut för att vara skyltar för information.


Oak in the shape of water, a table in leather, a stick stuck in fleeting motion and materials pretending to be signs for information.

Installation: Wood from oak and pine, synthetic string, two fluorescent lamps, shelf, acrylic paint, oil paint, olive oil, hand lotion, kitchen string, filler, re-built table, wood glue, saw dust, metal rods, burnt wood, bark, brass metal and graphite.

Changing Lights, group exhibition at H. Bergdal Gallery, Malmö, 2014

Changing lights

The walls mirror eachother.
Unique repetitions.
Centered corners.
A constructed neutrality.
White on white on yellow.
Light bouncing calculatedly but dimmed lazily lighting what was dark,
and moving black.
An opaque gray-scale.

curated by Olof Nimar ︎

Karin Hasselberg
Max Ockborn
David Ohlsson

Photo credits: Olof Nimar