Il Serpente, Una Storia sul Molise

(The Snake, A Story About Molise)
Short film, 23:15 min, 2023
Collaboration with Lena Bergendahl

Il Serpente, Una Storia sul Molise is a short film about language, materials, communication and transitions between organism, object, memory and form. Its title refers to the Italian word for snake, and resembles a river that flows and carries the story across the landscape of Molise.
The film was made as part of a long-term artist residency in Filignano, Molise, curated by Deirdre MacKenna, Cultural Documents.

Still images from the film

Voice: Corrado Di Lorrenzo
Direction, production, editing, script, sculptures: Max Ockborn
Direction, production, editing, cinematography, animation: Lena Bergendahl
Swedish to Italian translation: Chiara Bugatti
Swedish to English translation: Stella Ana-Maria Hadji-Culea
Sound design:
Jakob Erlandson
Michael Cavanagh
Graphic design:
Jacob Grönbech Jensen

Emanuele Nico Berardi
“YIAJE" (El Viaje) - The Breath of the Bag, E.N. Berardi, 2008

Ray Sloan,
“Suite a Pierre: a) The Rowan Tree”, in “Riccardo Tesi Flatus Calami”, Associazione Culturale “Circolo della Zampogna”, Scapoli, 2002

Emanuele Nico Berardi,
“OCTUBRE”, The Breath of the Bag, E.N. Berardi, 2008

With support of:

Screening: Caffè del Borgo, Filignano, Italy, 2023

Screening: Malatesta Associati, Castel San Vincezo, Isernia, Italy, 2023